About the Artist

I am an artistic documentary photographer based in Boston.  During my 15 years of shooting professionally I have developed a fresh and contemporary style that is colorful, clean, graphic, and soulful.  I value highly collaboration with my clients and as a trained journalist my main goal is always to tell an authentic and honest story.  As a single mother, solo business owner and passionate artist I bring an unmatched work ethic and passion to my images that is tangible.

Clients and Travel

I have worked with major brands and organizations including: Joe the Architect, Welch's Juice, Make.Good Studio, Danny Amendola Catches for Kids Foundation, MA Adoption Resource Exchange, Boston Public Schools, Heritage Build and Design, Local 338 Bagels, Worcester County Food Bank and Propel Marketing.  I have traveled and photographed all around the world including Nepal, India, Morocco, multiple European Countries, Caribbean Islands and Countries, and almost every U.S. State.  

What I'm into when not photographing

Hiking with my family and friends.  Currently working on hiking all 48 4000 foot or higher peaks in the White Mountains of NH.

Playing and collecting vinyl records and attending concerts.

Dogs. Owning them, photographing them, booping their noses.

Visiting museums and cultural institutions in Boston and beyond.

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